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        All of these support we can offer
        Integrated environmental management solutions including technology R&D, equipment R&D and manufacturing , engineering services , project investment and financing to different needs .

        Jereh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

        Jereh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (Jereh Enviro) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jereh Group (Stock Code: SZ002353). Adhering to the development concept of "technology driven, value added ", we have established high-level R&D strength , leading equipment manufacturing capability , professional engineering implementation and after-sales teams , as well as flexible business modes and comprehensive qualification certificates .

        • 2 million tons+/PA
          Oily Waste Treatment
        • 3 million tons+
          Sludge Dewatering
        • 1 million tons+
          Soil Remediation
        • 200 species +
          Environmental protection equipment
        About us

        Jereh Enviro has a national key laboratory and a team of high-level consulting and R&D engineers . At the same time, Jereh Enviro has established long-term and in-depth cooperation with a number of scientific research institutes and key universities to carry out national and local scientific research demonstration projects .